Apr 11, 2022 | Admin product-reviews


What are NFCs/Digital Smart Cards

NFCs stand for Near-Field Communication. This translates to communication without boundaries that do not necessitate the need for actual nearness, touch, or extreme details.

Too much? Here’s what we mean…


You might not know it yet, but you are familiar with NFCs, and this is because it is not an entirely new technology. NFCs are an evolved version of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

RFIDs and NFCs operate on the same frequency as using a key card to access your hotel room. You don’t have to insert anything really, just wave your card in the air (at a close range) and the magic of opening takes place.  Familiar yet? This works mostly for short-range implementations.

Here’s how the magic happens: a magnetic field is generated by the reader device when it passes an electric current through a coil in response to a tag (with its own coil) being brought nearby. An electric current is induced within the tag and once the subtle contact is complete, the data stored on the tag is wirelessly transmitted to the reader.  


Let’s pretend you are 5 years old, or this blog post is for your 90 years old grandma. If you get an NFC-enabled device, it will give you the opportunity to connect flawlessly from a distance in the sense that all you must do is tap your Bleanq Card, Bleanq Tag, or Bleanq wristband on the device of the person you wish to connect with and voila! Your profile automatically syncs to your phone. 

This means that you no longer must rely on paper business cards to hold little to no information about your business. All your information about your business as well as your preference for a digital profile can now be stored on Bleanq NFC-enabled smart products (Business cards, Wristbands, and Tags). Save yourself from the cost of printing paper business cards consistently.