Aug 22, 2022 | Admin product-reviews

BLEANQ DIGITAL MENU – The digital event coordinator.

At Zkyte Technologies, we have worked tirelessly to bring new features that expand the NFC enabled tech product - Bleanq - to the point that it embraces all aspects of life, offering solutions where there is need for it.

We know BleanQ is used to share your professional or preferred information with people you meet. It opens you up to a world of instant networking where you no longer need to constantly share or reprint paper cards because all you must do is tap your card on a mobile device and have your details shared on their device.

So, we have got great news! The Bleanq Digital Menu is here! For all types of events!

The Bleanq NFC Enabled Digital Menu is a new way to create order through simplicity at events. By simply tapping your NFC enabled smartphone or device on the Bleanq Digital device to access the menu, you can then browse the menu, make your selections, and place your order!